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I love teaching and teach pedagogy courses in my faculty. I like reading, listening to music and sight seeing. I also like taking photo It's fun to teach youth. They are full of all kinds of tricks. They tell wonderfully interesting stories especially when they are bent on extracting soe aterial benefits from you. One needs to be very careful when dealing with them. This does not ean however, that you avoid enjoying their mpany.

  • The sun rose early thid morning.
  • This augurs well for our sessions today.
    • The group is very excited to get to work now.
  1. We should capitalize on this group enthusiasm and get the os of everyone.
    1. Tomorrow shall be ourthird day. This means we need to cover a lot of ground to enable us finish on schedule.







  • Activities
  • Self Assessent exercises
  • Role play
  • Further reading
  • Assignment [Intelligent devices]

Conclusion Sumary


Title: =Theory of Learning=

Inforation Processing Theory


Icon objectives.jpg
In this unit you will be able to learn the following:

Define learning,

  • Explain the concept of inforation processing,
  • coplete your unit assignment

Icon define.gif
before you begin this lesson you need to understand the following definitions.
  • memory
  • short ter memory
  • long term meory

Icon activity.jpg
Now do the following activities:
  • Draw a diagram showing how inforation is transferred fro the short to the long ter eory.
  • Explain to your friend the thinking process associated with her mind

{{Assignment|Do the following assigment and bring next week:

  • Descrbe how children process information||

Icon discussion.gif
In groups of five discuss the following issue. Do anials process inforation in the sae way as huans?