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Contact-new.svg Al Boss
Nathan and Al Boss
Occupation:Software Developer
Other roles:Mentor; Community Empowerment Collective
Country:Flag of USA.svgUSA

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I'm on deadline and can't linger to write up a unique bio (this phrase will probably be true for the next 20 years), so here's the usual blurb about me.

I broke my first computer in 1978, when the University of Missouri administrative mainframe declared me dead, and the Registrar's office insisted I must be deceased because "the computer could not make that kind of mistake".

My graduate degree is in community development. I became involved in using Internet tools to help people design their own community processes and projects.

I have helped develop Web sites for a number of organizations, ranging from the world's largest healthcare benchmarking software corporation to the Community Management Programme of Uganda (a United Nations program), and was a judge for the National Information Infrastructure awards. My Web site for the Community Development Society won the International Community Development Achievement award, my Web site for Design Intelligence won the Software Publisher's Association design award, and the Virtual Teachers Lounge Web site won the Golden Web award.

I have been a volunteer with Neighborhood Networks, Seattle Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Clinic, the King County Library System, South Seattle Cooperative Preschools, Cancer Lifeline, and am still currently a volunteer with Westwood Neighborhood Council, the Community Development Society, the Community Empowerment Web site, the University of Missouri Alumni Association, the Seattle Community Network, and the American Red Cross.

Until July 2005, I was a Web Developer at The NewSof Group, a healthcare consulting company based in Seattle that makes online communities for nonprofits. I am now a developer with the Web Team for King County, and I am a member of the Web faculty at South Seattle Community College.


Today is: 2024 July 20, Saturday
The time is 18:35, Zulu (ie. at Greenwich)

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