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My Room at Its Worse

My room isn’t messy usually but when I'm out of the house for a long time and don’t have time to clean up it stays out of order, the way to describe it at its worse is when the schoolbag is on the floor there's dust everywhere my shoes are in the middle of the room my guitar is on the bed and the cables are between the chair wheels and the guitar picks are at an unknown location the trashcan is completely full all of the cables of the television the computer the speakers and the amplifier are messed up the remote control of the TV is under the bed plenty of glasses on the table the closet has clothes sticking out of it I forget the computer on and the TV isn’t completely turned off.

To get to a mess like this takes days and its rarely like this cause I don’t let it happened even when I come home just to take something and leave again I try to clean something on the way but when this situation happens and my room is completely messed up it would take at list an hour or 2 to clean up and it’s a real pain to do that so I try to keep it clean as much as possible.