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The stands at Eden Park being rebuilt for the Rugby World Cup 2011
The Webb Ellis Cup
Granty unhinged by e-learning
Aoraki reflection - my first thumbnail

Ah - it seems that I managed to set my default setting to come up in rich text.  I did that in 'my preferences' last week.


So having a quick practice.  I can write in bold, but how can I change colour of the text? Twizel.jpg

Ok - so that's a horizontal line.

and this is Italics  which I've just practiced undoing with the eraser icon.► and that's a special character

  • this is a bullet point
  1. this is an underlined numbered point.
  2. so is this

  1. this is a new set of numbers
  • this is a bullet under a number

  • and this is another bullet
  • this is a horizontal line strike throughThough why you'd use it I'm not sure.  What's 'backspace' for if not for correcting mistakes?
  • what is x2? it appears to be this.  I wonder why I'd use it?
  • I suspect that you can also super scriptlike this...  Fine.  but why?  What are the conventions of WikiEducator?
And are these speech marks? No. it appears to be a block quote.  OK

I get the idea of inserting a link, but what the heck is an anchor?  It asks for anchor properties.

This little blue box makes the editor larger, but makes the cursor disappear too. Odd.

Back to the top: Clicking 'wiki text' turns it all into courier and adds <.> things.  Cut copy and paste I get.  Ditto undo / redo.

What are the binocs for?  Ah  Find and replace beside it.   Insert table ok, but I can't work out how to insert an image.

--Alan Grant 22:31, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

Barring signature, I haven't really got much of a clue about {T} <S> <R> <R>References and Sigma (particularly as sigma doesn't even appear in 'special characters'.)

All fine but I've still go not idea about colours and using them in my text and I LIKE colours.

I must remember to save before I naviagate away from pages, because i got sussed on colours from Wayne Macintosh

First of all I have to go to wikitext

write in <span style="color:#009000"> like this and it coverts the text to green like this! I must remember afterwards to write </span>.  This is very cool.  If I carry on writing in green because I haven't got any black text underneath, then I just enter in the colour code for black again <span style="color:#000000"> to go back to normal text.  Whoopee!

Let's try some fonts

so that was a heading.

and this is a link

and this is another one for Ohau snow fields.

and now we try an internal link Learning4Content and another Help:Colors

Equally I could have linked the above as how to get coloured fonts.

I can see that using wikitext is also fairly straight forward with this link to my Massey login or internally to the tutorial homepage

and this is?

ok - heading of a different size.

so with that in mind I will make a list

Shorthand and wikis Dog

or perhaps words of wisdom from Douglas Adams

Things which I don't get and still want to know about.....

  • How can I change the colour of my text?  got this sussed
  • What are {T} <S> <R> <R>References and Sigma?
  • What's wikitext and why would I use it in preference to WYSIWYG?
  • what are the conventions of super and subscript in WikiEducator?
  • What is an anchor and when would I use it?
  • How do I go about uploading images and mainpulating them in WikiEducator?
  • How can I find images on-line that I can use without breaking copyright AND which I can actually work with.  (I seem to be having no joy with sxc.)

I clicked on Editing Help, but didn't really find too many answers.  There does seem to be a certain amount of assumed knowledge expected here.