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Contact information

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My name is Edward Ntifo-Siaw. I work as a Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Extension and Economics, School of Agriculture, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast in Ghana. Go toUCC Website.

About myself

I am 53 years old, and married with four children, a girl and three boys.

Academic & Research Interests

2924853856 3afa9f1bd5 t.jpg Within the larger mandate of the School of Agriculture, the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension undertakes research and outreach activities, in addition to its main mandate of teaching. Personally, I teach both graduate and undergraduate students in agricultural extension, management and programming. My research interests and papers have covered effect of credit rural livelihoods research paper1, and partnerships for social investments research paper2.


I have interest in many hobby areas. I am intersted in swimming, gardening, reading and car riding. Of course, my interest in farming and gardening go beyong hobby into commercial agriculture. On our sixty acre oil palm plantattion, the family rear goats, grow birds and keep beehives. In, sum the hobbies include:

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car riding

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