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Who am I?

My name is Abudulai Jakalia. I have been in the Department of English Education, University of Education, Winneba since 1994. Before then I taught at various levels of the Ghana Education Service from 1963.
I am 62 years old; a retired senior lecturer working on contract. I come from the Upper West Region of Ghana. My wife and I have five children (three girls and two boys) and (for now)two grandchildren.

What I do

As a lecturer I mainly teach literacy and literature methodologies in a teachers' university. As a researcher I am concerned with children's literacy development. I have an NGO called Centre for Literacy Empowerment and I spend a lot of time with deprived communities helping them with how to improve their children's literacy.

How to contact me

  • I live in Winneba, in the Central Region of Ghana,
  • My home phone number: 233 432 20861
  • Cell phone 233 244 751145
  • My email is


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