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==A way forward==, an action plan or road map for developing Arts Education in the Caribbean requires a “reframing” of the understanding of Arts Education and the recognition of the crying need for Arts Education at every level of the education system in the region. It also requires the appreciation for the two realities of

Arts Education

practice globally: Education in the Arts (a sustained and systematic learning in the skills, ways of thinking and presentation of each of the art forms) and ==== Education through the Arts ==== (education which uses creative and artistic pedagogies to teach all curricula and so enhance academic attainment, reduce school disaffection and promote positive cognitive transfer).

Chapter One

Module One

Module Two

The document goes on to recall the Convention on the Rights of the Child which includes the right of every child to develop

his personality, talents, mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential,
as well as to participate fully in cultural and artistic life.
In the Arts Education Road Map certain strategies were identified for effective Arts Education: Partnerships and Education of teachers and artists. It also identified a need for informed decision making, thus requiring a research thrust in Arts Education and knowledge sharing.

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