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My Profile

Organisation Information

 Organisational name:       Flexible Open and Distance Education
 Organisation address:      P.M.B Waigani Post Office,NCD
 Email address:             Ursula_Miria
 Telephones:                323 0299
 Facsimile:                 3230792

Participant Information

 Name:                      Ursula Miria
 Gendar:                    Female
 Date:                      18th April 1973
 Nationality:               Papua New Guinea
 Country:                   Papua_New_Guinea
 Affiliation/organisation:  PNGADE

My Community

I leave in Tokarara(NCD)PortMoresby.It is crowded-everyone knows each other.People need programs thta can help them to change their mindset patterns- to be more productive in using their talents and skills to earn a living/raise their standards of living.Most people do not have a computer.It's too expensive.Most do not have any knowledge of how to use a computer.


My forcus in doing or achieving anything is based on christian principles.I love to work with people and organisations that deal with people in need. Such as the orphanages, homeless,rejected abused people.I am involved in children's ministry in my church and I love it- the children are fun to be with.
I do not know much about computers.But I learn each time on the job.I am very happy to learn new ideas/things at work through responsibilities that are in my care each day. I still have to master public presentation

My Work

I work at FODE as a curriculum writer.It is an educational institution that delivers it's learning materials through distant mode.It is a part of PNGADE.I really do enjoy my work.

The Impact

My community consist of people whose education level are low or average.They do not really take technology as a part of change to life. So I guess we should get to the schools where their children are so that their childern will bring the change gradually into their lives.

My Contribution to OER'S from L4C3

My Dreams