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Gerard Ahee - Trinidad & Tobago

The objective of this excercise is learning to use the Wiki

 Features of WIKI

  1. Bold
  2. Italics
  3. Bulleting points
  • This is in bold type
  • This is in italics
  • These items have been bulletted

This is Level 1

This is Level 2

This is Level 3

using syntax to edit in bold, italic, to indent, number and bullet

This in bold

This is in italic

'This is in bold and italic '

This is indented
This is indented
  • This is bulleted
    • This is bulleted
  1. This is numbered
  2. This is numbered
  1. This is numbered

Day V

Creating an External link

A popular Search Engine[n]

Creating an Internal link

Learning4Content Workshop Breaking New Ground

Creating a New Page

My Booklist

Creating and Interwiki

"How to use Wikipedia"

Day VI


Creative commons makes it Flow

Personal Photo