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The learner will prepare a Set Induction by
  1. selecting an appropriate technique to introduce a topic
  2. linking the introduction to the content to be learnt

Read through the situation provided below and then follow the activities to pick up skills that will help you be a better facilitator

Rita is a young teacher, who has been called to assist in a school, when the teacher Mrs. Thomas is on a month's leave. The very first day, Rita is required to teach Geography to Grade Seven. She enters the classroom. The students are busy talking to one another. Some are still putting away the Craft work that they have done in the previous class. Rita, not wanting to waste anytime, begins right away. She writes the name of the topic on the board and starts her teaching. a few minutes later, she poses a question and the students ask her "Mam, What topic are you doing?". Rita is aghast that all her efforts have gone down the drain. She wonders if the rest of the month is going to be the same. She shares her predicament with an experienced teacher, Mrs. Solomon, who advises her to pick up a few skills required for classroom teaching. The first skill Mrs. Solomon suggests is the skill of Set Induction You are Rita and you want to learn more about set induction or the skill of introducing a lesson.

Your activities: (1)Read to get an idea about the importance of good introductions to a lesson.
(2)Skim through
(3)See the video
(4) See good examples in Set Induction

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Choose any topic and plan an interesting introduction to the same.


You can include a game, miming, dramatization, stories, humour, a song, a videop clip, pictures, tricks, anecdotes..... Oh the list is endless.
Caution: avoid using too many things together.
Evaluate your work with the help of the rubric below. Modify the Set Induction Plan, if required.

Exemplary (3 points) Average(2 points) Poor (1 point)
The introduction is perfectly suited to the level of the class The introduction is suited to the level of the class to an average extent The introduction does not keep in mind the level of the students
Activities planned are interesting and sure to generate interest Activities planned are of mediocre quality Activities planned are not very interesting and may not generate interest
There is good connection with previously learned content There is poor connection with content previously learned by the students There is no connection with content previously learned by the students
The introduction is very relevant to the topic to be taught The introduction bears slight relevance to the topic to be taught The introduction bears no relevance to the topic to be taught
The introduction is well linked to the topic to be taught The introduction makes a poor mention of the topic that will be taught The introduction does not mention the topic that will be taught

Go ahead and try out your set induction. How did it go?

If you have some good ideas to introduce a topic, list your ideas here.
(1)I had to teach the unit "Verbs" to students who were from a non English speaking background and we began with "Simon says, Clap your hands" and such other cues. The students watched the teacher's action and imitated. In the process they learnt several verbs. the concept of verbs was arrived at through these actions
(2) A friend of mine had to teach "Balanced Diet" and he actually got his students to open their lunch boxes, discuss what they carried ,and from there he went to "Food and its constituents."
(3) Br. David Silva began his class on "Animal husbandry" with the poem "Old MacDonald's Farm."
(4) Newspaper reports of oil slicks were read out and supported with a small discussion to introduce the topic "Water Pollution".