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Skill of Classroom Communication

Shauna is a young teacher who teaches Science to Grade Eight students. She has good command over her content. She uses technology in her classroom. She makes every effort to plan thoroughly. Yet sometimes she finds students misunderstand her instructions. She agrees that she is not very patient. She talks a bit too fast( coz words flow as fast as my thoughts do, she says. Students often ask her to repeat instructions or simplify them. Her mother, Mrs. Ryan, herself an experienced teacher, advises Shauna to work on her communication skills. Are you ready to go with Shauna on her journey towards better communication?

Your activities: (1) Read
(2) See
(3)Think of your own school/college days. What aspects were prominent among effective communicators?
(4)On a scale of 1 to 5,where would you be on each of these aspects?

(a) ability to speak with clarity
(b) use of facial expressions
(c) Use of relevant vocabulary
(d) Use of gestures
(e) Adequate voice modulation
(f)Use of eye contact
(g)Avoidance of unnecessary mannerisms
(h)Adequate interaction with the class
(i) Use of appropriate teaching resources
(j)Inclusion of proper pauses

Check for yourself areas you need to improve in