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Tips for teachers:

  • Know thy learner :Be sure you are aware of who your students are. It is a good idea to have a learner profile filled in at the start of the term The learner profile could contain important information on the student's learning styles, Multiple Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, his/her attitude towards the Course, other information that would be vital for you to know.

The Profile helps the teacher to design learning experiences that are tailored towards the student.

  • Go tech: Use Powerpoint presentations, encourage wiki creation, use webquests and other tech based techniques to foster constructivist approach.
  • Use co-operative learning: We learn better with others. Incorporate co-operative learning techniques so that all learners take responsibility for their learning.
  • Evaluate :Opt for various techniques of formative evaluation. formative evaluation gives the teacher good feedback to find if the learning objectives are being met. Also, a variety of techniques means the monotony of quizzes as evaluation techniques is broken.
  • Network: Be in touch with other teachers all over the globe to know how they handle their classes. Wiki communities are a wonderful way of being linked. Grow by learning. All the best!!!