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Cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each with students of different levels of ability, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject.(quoted from

This sections looks at strategies involving e-resources and e-media to faciltiate co-operative learning.

  1. Circle the sage :

Have some students to function as 'sages'. They would be required to surf the net, read through books or discuss with the teacher and build a sound knowledge of the matter to be learnt. Let us call these sages S1, S2,S3 and so on. Now assign students A1, B1, C1 to Sage S1, students A2,B 2,C 2 to sage S2 and so on. Let each sage teach his/her group.Since we are talking of e-learning, the sages and their students interact through their wikipages/ chat or discussion forum. Now revamp the groups in such a way that all the As (A1,A2,A3) come together, all the Bs come together and so on. Let these gropus interact through their individual wikipages. The advantage is that since all As have learnt from different sages, there is a cross pollination of ideas. What each student lears from his/her individual sage can be compared. The teacher needs to moderate the discussions and correct if necessary.Sages too may learn from one another by visiting one anothers pages.

2. Quest time:
This method can be used to revise and consolidate what has been learnt. Divide the class into groups of five to six students. Each student puts up one question on his/her page based on the topic learnt. The others in the group respond to the same. The technique helps to express what has been assimilated. It increases analytical powers. The responses of the students gives the teacher a glimpse to the level to which the taught matter has been grasped. Students revise the matter when they respond. The teacher, in turn, gets a sort of question bank ready. Students get a repository of information and a sort of summary of the topic taught. It can be quite useful when we are caught up for time and have little time for revisions.

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