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Contact Information

School of Agriculture, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.[1]

About Myself

I am Gus Asmah, a university teacher and a researcher. I am participating in the Web 2.0 training course because of the immense benefits it offers for knowledge sharing and personal advancement in my career as an academic.I intend to apply whatever I have acquired on a grand scale within the university community of students and faculty.

Extension Activities

I have been involved in an exercise for two years, selecting Ghana's best farmers in all agroecological zones from the coastal savanna through the rainforest to the northern guinea savanna. The exercise which has been carried out for the Ministry of Agriculture [2] was to assess farmers based on best practices and productivity. A major aspect of the exercise was adisory services to assist farmers to engage in sustainable cultural practices which are not harmful to the environment.

Academic and Research Interest

My research interests include the following: a) Evaluation and bioremediation of degraded soils in mining environments. b) Evaluation of soil and water quality in polluted and non-polluted environments, c) Alternative technologies for soil nutrient acquisition by crop plants in low-input cropping system d)Diversity and ecology of mutualistic soil micro-organisms.

Recent Publications

Recent publications include: (i) Growth and phosphorus uptake responses of bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verde) to inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two acid soils. Accepted; Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana,2009. (ii) Growth characteristics of tropical and temperate arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in onion roots. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 2007. Vol. 12, 35-46. (iii) Short-term investigations into underground water quality in Cape Coast and its environs in Ghana. With Pappoe A.N.M. et al. Journal of Natural Science, 2007, Vol. 3 (1): 63-71.