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Technical Terms of Business Studies

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Advertising Promotional activities for making people aware of products and services without direct contact with the people concerned.
Advertising Copy The written text of an advertisement including the subject matter of the message, slogan, presentation, pictures and illustrations taking together.
Advance • Amount paid by a customer as part of his dues payable in future.

• A short-term loan granted by a bank.

Agmark Logo on certain agricultural product indicating that the quality conforms to the standard prescribed by the Agricultural Marketing Department of the Government of India.
Authority Right to command by virtue of the position or rank of a person in an organisation.
Bank Draft A document/instrument issued by a bank on its branch office for a specified amount payable to the person in whose favour it is drawn. It is issued to the person who deposits a specific amount in the bank along with the draft commission.
Bank Rate Rate of interest charged by Central Bank (RBI) for financial assistance made available to other banks.