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How can you deal with your fear?

Many people have a phobia from different things. My phobia is snakes. Snakes disgust me, and I can't even look at them. My phobia from snakes began when I was a child, I went to the playground near my home, everything was good and I enjoyed very much but suddenly something happened, I felt that something crawl on me, and after a second I felt a big ache in my right lag. I started to scream and cry; quickly my mother came to me and we went to the hospital. There ,the doctors treated me, they knew what kind of snake hit me, and therefore I was got out after a one day. Today, past seven years and I'm 17 years old now. I decided to deal with my fear from snakes thanks to my parents whom convince me and thanks to my desire. My parents and I went to a special place for snakes. In this place were a lot of snakes and the beginning I didn't want to enter, but finally I decided to enter. It wasn't easy for me so they brought me a escort who was with me, he showed me snakes, explained me that they didn't do nothing and slowly my fear depreciation. Although this, the main goal in order to deal with my fear of snakes was to hold a snake and I really did it.. It wasn't as scary as I think; the snake didn't do anything to me, and then my phobia from snakes despair.


Listening is very difficult for most people because we need to listen without knowing the subject of the listening. In addition it's hard to focus without watching something is connected to the subject. You can watch T.V and movies, ask questions, listen to music and talk with each other in order to improve your listening. I love to watch movies and this fact helps me in my tests in English listening. Moreover I understand many words in the listening test because watching in movies increases my vocabulary.
To summarize, with desire and hard work your listening will improve and it will be easier for you while talking with other people as well.


Almost everybody is suffering from stress- adults,teenagers and even kids. But stress is common especially among teenagers. Seventy percent suffer from some form of stress. The main reasons for this are schoolwork, parents and problems with friends. Who suffers from stress doesn't be desperate, because there are some ways to deal with stressful situation. The best way is to take care of your health, you can do this by keeping your body strong, for example eat food with lots of vitamins and protein and exercise regularly. More way to deal with stressful situation is to get a good night's sleep, it will give your brain a chance to rest. In many cases those ways are helping, but if you still feel stress and nervous, try taking a mini-holiday, it will helps you to take a short break from your daily routine. You can go to any places that relax you, such as sea-shore and the bosom of nature, it makes you feel better.



High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

I celebrated the eve of Rosh Hashana in grandmother's house, all my family,my ankls and my aunts were there. It was very fun ,we assembled around holiday table, we ate ,chated each other and sang a holiday songs. After that I went to party in Herzliya , I enjoyed there very much. On the next day my family and I went to Tel-Aviv to do a barbecue with friends and it was very tasty.


Yom Kippur



Organize Tour

                                                                                                      12 Iris Hargaman, Netania, Israel

Organize tour to USA See the World travel company 34 Fifth Avenue, NY USA.

My name is Adi Levi, I'm 17 years old. My family and I are planning a trip to USA for all Passover vacation. Our last family vacation was in organize tour in Europe and because we enjoy so much we decided to choose organize tour again but this time in USA.

There are a few places that my family and I would like to visit: Niagara Falls, wax museum, Statue of Liberty, central park, Disneyworld. In addition we would like to tour in New York City, Miami and LA.

I have some questions about the tour: How much the tour cost? Which hotels we will be? Will we have free time for shopping? What is the dateline? And how many people will be in the group?

I hope to hear from you soon, and I'm looking forward to this trip.

Sincerely yours, Adi Levi.

Applying for visa to USA

                                         Ben Avi 16,Netanya 

Harzel 78,Tel Aviv
Embassy of USA

Dear Sir,
My name is Adi Levi and I want to apply for visa to USA. My father got a job proposal from his company to work in NYC and after many thoughts my family and I decided to join him, we will need to stay there for two years and maby more. I never been in USA and I very exciteind to fly and stay there. In addition I heared USA is a beautiful country, there are many diffrent and spectacular places especially NYS. I think I can manage there because I know the language.

I hope to hear for you soon
Yours Truly,
Adi Levi.