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Personal Profile

My name is Adilah Khan. Adilah is from arabic origin meaning 'honesty' and 'justice'. I am happily married with two children and two dogs. My hobbies are:

  • Reading interesting books by authors such as Paulo Coelho, Elif Shafak, Jodi Picoult, Isabella Allende, Tariq Ramadaan, (Just to name a few)
  • Pottering in the garden, especially planting indigenous plants and herbs.
  • Going for walks on the beach
  • Watching movies that are really thought provoking such as Cloud Atlas and The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Swimming laps in an olympic pool
  • and enjoying Yoga for beginners

Professional Profile

I am currently a lecturer at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Edgewood campus, Technology Department. I lecture undergraduate modules in Technology Education. These include Methodology modules, Learning Area Studies: Science and Technology integration and Mechanical Systems 121. These and other courses are offered in the Technology Education Department. Prior to lecturing, I taught for 19 years and have experience in teaching learners from age 3 to 18 years. I have spent most of my teaching career in the Senior Primary Phase, specifically Grade 7. I believe that learners are at their most vulnerable at this age because of the onset of puberty and the change from primary to high school.

Research Interests

I am currently studying towards a Masters degree in Technology Education. My area of interest is Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and Technology Education. Indigenous Knowledge is a diverse and fascinating research area. IKS is also closely linked to the environment, which is another area of interest for me.

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