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About me: I am Addis, I am born and brought up in Ethiopia. My mothers Name is Abaye and she is the strongest woman I have ever Known. She is so beautiful too. I was raised in Addis Ababa finished my primary and secondary education in Addis.My higher education took me to Mekelle university which is Mekelle town and 800kms away from my home city and my family. I was only 18 so I was almost lost.It took me at last 6 months to understand i am now a big girl and big girls just don't cry day and night over I graduated by Economics which was my first choice and will always be. I didn't have a smooth time working in Addis Ababa si I went toAssosa I am now working in Assosa not that good but destiny... I am a good reader, I mean for my self. I read Fictions a lot I liked happy ending story when I was younger but now since life has thought me that Happy endings are stories that are not finished I focus on real life books. The authors i like are Harold Robbins, Sheldon, R.Ludlum .... I read a lot and I see movies a lot more. I am not that good at having friends or any one around for long except my mother,father and two brothers. I have one friend and non friend her name is Siti. and some how she is the one person I really can talk too.. If I tell you every thing you would hate me for sure so I think this is enough for now.... may be some day I will write the story of my life...I don't know what to call my life...happy...miserable... as long as my big brother Barye won't read it see ya

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