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Adama Cole

Contact information

My Name is Adama Cole and I live in a small country in West Africa called The Gambia. My e-mail address is

About Myself

I am an Assistant Lecturer in the University of The Gambia where I also completed my BSc with a double degree in Biology and Agriculture. I was then employed to work in the University as a Graduate Assistant. I also worked as an Assistant Researcher in a project called The Borassus Project. This project focuses on the manufacture of palm leaves to make mat geotextiles with the intension of putting a stop to soil and water erosion. I later on went to pursue my masters degree in Environmental Management in the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Academic and Research Interests

Environmental Management is a wide field which includes Brownfield Redevelopment, Site Investigation and Land Contamination, Town and Country Planning, Renewable Energy, Water Pollution and Remediation Methods, Air Pollution and Climate Change, Waste Management and Sewage Treatment, to name but a few. The masters course covered all these and even more, however, I am more interseted in Solid Waste Management, Sewage Treatment and Air pollution and Climate Change. I like to specify my work based on the situations persistent in Africa, particularly West Africa and The Gambia. One of Our major problems is waste management and electricity. In my studies, I found out that a good strategy is to use energy from waste. This will help us dispose of our waste and use the energy from the waste to generate electricity.I have written a dissertation on the use of incineration as a waste management strategy and a means of producing energy in The Gambia. To get to this link, go to dissertation.

I have created a blog called Energy through waste, and I am welcoming anyone intersted in this subject to send me their opinions and thoughts. Information could be shared and case studies from other countries that Africa could learn from is also welcomed. For a link to this blog, go to Energy Through Waste


My hobbies vary from

  • horse riding,
  • swimming,
  • playing volleyball,

to more calmer ones like

  • reading
  • watching movies.

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