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Name = Jean Ciego Noralez



Occupation= teacher

Nationality= Belizean

Country= Belize

Employer= Roman Catholic

Other roles= Mother, student, Cub Scout leader



My Profile

Personal Information

I am 34 year old Jean Ciego Noralez a proud strong black Garifuna woman. I borrowed Noralez from my significant other of over seventeen years until present. I was born in the beautiful town of Dangriga to my deceased parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacinto Ciego. I celebrated my birthday on June 16th. I have a family of my own with four biological children and one adopted daughter. My children are attending school ranging from primary to Junior College. My eldest son will be graduating from Junior College at the end of this school year. Being a mother is one of the most important jobs I ever have in life and I know that I am great at it. My children are ambitious and loyal they are proof of my doing a good job. I teach my children all the things that my parents taught me about love, honor, respect, honesty and all the morals and values I hold true in life.


I have been in the classroom for over ten years. I love being a teacher I know that is my call from God. I attended "Belize Teachers’ College" where I obtained my Associates Degree in Primary Education. I am presently attending the University of Belize where I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Primary Education. I decided to change my course of education because teaching is a passion of mine and I love small children. I believe I have a lot of patience to be in this profession. I also believe I have a lot of ideas that will change and help the way students learn. My parents made sure that we all graduated from high school to receive an education. Being from the ole school, high school was the highest level for the poor people so we all excelled in schooling.

My Interest

  1. spending family time
  2. Going to Church
  3. educate all my children
  4. cooking the family meal

My hobbies are singing, dancing and most importantly traveling. I love to view the picturesque mountains on the Stann Creek Valley Road. At times the scents of the blossoming fruits fill the atmosphere giving the air a fruitful scent.

My Sandbox

lesson plan Math lesson plan 4 tech

Traditionally, church is very important to us. My parents made sure that we go to church every Sunday and on special occasions. I am still living this tradition with my own family. We look forward to spend family time on Sundays. As a child, I had longed to play the guitar but never got the opportunity. I plan to play the music as soon as I get my degree from the University of Belize. I also plan to use it as accompaniment in my music class as a contribution to my society. Reflecting on my life I am pleased with myself for owning my own home, a vehicle and a wonderful family. Life can be hard and stressful but with God as the center of your life, with love and a job everything is possible