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Sharon at EIT in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

About Me

My name is Sharon, I am adding a couple of awesome papers to my already completed business degree. As a marketer I have to keep up with new technologies, so Boom! I am at EIT studying Digital Learning Technologies


Mediawiki activity

VmvIcon Assessed Activity.png
Assessed Activity 4.2 (2016)
  • Add components to your user page:
    1. APA reference for a page about digital learning technologies from Wikipedia
    2. Pedagogical template
    3. Syntax highlighter
  • Add a blog post with a link to your wiki user page.
  • Source: MediaWiki Activity

VmvIcon Activity.png

Pedagogical template

  1. Review adding Boxes to a wiki in Quick tips
  2. Add one of the following boxes to your user page (Note, Notes, Objective(s), Example(s), KeyPoint(s), More, Question(s),NZ, Activity).
  3. Review what WikiEducator Quickstart guide/pedagogical templates (or iDevices) are available in WikiEducator.

VmvIcon Activity.png

Syntax Highlighter

  1. Review Adding computer source code Quick tips
  2. Using the vmv:Source template add some source code to your user page

Syntax Highlighter

trace{"A Buzzy World")
<source lang="actionscript">
</ source>

Pedagogical template - Microblog

VmvIcon KeyPoints.png
  • Create Twitter Account
    • In 2014 Twitter used Apps to access Twitter, so you are now unable to create a Twitter account on any Windows versions below Windows 8. To complete this activity you will need to use a mobile device (phone or Tablet) or Windows 8.
  • Post a tweet using #vmvdlt tag
  • Source: Microblog


VmvIcon KeyPoints.png <hLevel>Title</hLevel>

Valid type so far = Objective, Objectives, Note, Notes, KeyPoint, KeyPoints, Activity, Introduction, AssessedActivity TypeOff will hide type of box (not working yet!)

In wiki syntax, a template is identified by a page surrounded by curly brackets ({{ ... }}). There is a template language that allows you to build a page which you can pass variable to. Examples of template pages are:

  • a box template to create the pedagogical boxes (called instructional Devices (iDevices) in WikiEducator ) - like activities
  • a Footer template which also generates an APA style reference is shown below:

and call it at the bottom of a wiki page using


The {{1}} allows you to pass a parameter to the template, in this case "Me" (parameters are searated by a | )

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My Blog Feed

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abuzzyworld/Blogspot -

Links and Tips

http://VirtualMV/Digital V/APA%20Referencing%20Instructions.pdf



Me (2020). Abuzzyworld. Retrieved June 7, 2020,