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Mr. Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown History

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Anthony Brown
Website:University of Belize
Employer:University of Belize
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Specialty U.S. History, Slavery

Faculty at the University of Belize

the inner me
Hi my name is Anthony Brown my major is history, U.S. to be specific my focus in graduate school was slavery. My vicarious role models were Kenneth Stammps and Chiek Anta Diop.

Kenneth Stammps magnum opus The Particular Institution focused on the inhumane treatment and he relied mainly on primary sources and not so much on the WPA project of the 1930s. Chiek Anta Diop magnum opus African History, Myth or Reality he attempted to show the African presence in ancient Egypt. He relied on lingusitics and physics to show that ancient Egypt was no different from Africa south of the Sahara.

My current interest is mythology, specifically the works of Joseph Campbell, Julian Jaynes, Terrence Mackenna and Richard Dawkins. I am currently working

on a book project in reference to the nature of mythology. If you have any suggestions of authors that I should consult please feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

Thank you'

A. Brown

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