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Hello! My name is Abhinav Agarwal, Abhi for short. This is my first time editing a wiki! Its kinda cool - I mean considering what we have to do as work otherwise - this is not that bad.

Anyways, I've always been using wikipedia - actually, I like to think that I'm the one who introduced wikipedia to students at my middle school.

Favorite Sport Teams: Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Miami Heat(NBA)

Superscript This should appear superscripted


"Agar kisi ne hilne ki koshish ki to bund ke rakh doonga."

Washington D.C
[math]y = mx + b[/math]



Doctor Mechanic Programmer
Gaithersburg Rockville Baltimore

My sandbox

Yeh hai mera Heading1!

Yeh hai mera doosra Heading

Aur yeh hai mera teesra Heading

  • Yeh bullets hai
    • Organizations
    • Yeh likhe jaate hai
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At rare occasions u might indent twice
now this line is just making this a whole set of stairs
4th step
5th step
  1. Ek
  2. Do
  3. Teen
  4. Chaar
  5. Paanch
  6. Chee
  7. Saat

Goliyaan aur Ankh ka milan

  1. Stuff
    • Thing 1
    • Thing 2
    • Thing 3
  2. Stuff 2
    • Thing 1
    • Thing 2
    • Thing 3

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