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            =about me!!=
  1. My name is Aster Abate i am a GIS expert.i came from south nations nationalities and people region from Biro of agriculture in natural resource development and management work proses.
  1. i expect from this training web development and design especial in web 2 for the specific of agriculture.
  2. sustainable land use management
  3. Natural resource management
  4. water resource

this web used for in my organization for information sharing in a easy way from rural area to urban who is a DA and expert respectively.

this is an image of satellite

CTA website

        ===New explanation about me!!===
Now i want to flight in Ethiopia but there is a lack of money so,what shall i do please help me? if you have an idea call me by cellphone number 0950304020.
thank you!!!

this is a comment from bett12345