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Class Mammalia

Date & Time : 24, July 2024 13:18

General Characteristics of Mammalia

Classification of Mammalia

A Few Examples

1. Sorex

Common name-Shrew.


Habit and habitat-lives in tunnel

Food- insects, worms and mice.


  • Body- Rat like, and is covering with fur.
  • Body length-12.5 cm including the tail.
  • Body color- brown and pale.
  • elongated snout while eyes and ears are small.
  • Teeth-red in color, lower canines are absent and first pair of insisors is long.

      Dental formula is 

                                      i      3/2

                                      c     1/0                                 =32

                                     pm  3/1

                                      m   3/3

  • Limbs- limbs are consist of 5 clawed-digits.
  • It eat food twice as much as food as their weight. Shrew can not live withoout food more than ten hours.                           

2. Erinaceus

3. Pteropus