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About Me

I am a strong Ghanaian woman who believes in the youth and the future. Currently I teach part-time in the Community Health nursing Training School in the subject areas of Pharmacology and Mathematics and Statistics. I also lecture in Business Management at the Pan African Christian University College. Both schools are in Winneba.

I have nursing and administration/management as my professions but I enjoy teaching especially when I recognise that I have a role in shaping young eager minds and directing their focus and attention to renderring service to society.

My Personal Philosophies

My personal philosophies are;

  1. Never walk away from a challenge; you do not know what you are running away from and what you are running away to. Sounds like a line from Bob Marley the reggae legend's music "He who fights and run away lives to fight another day".
  2. Eagles do not flock. They are winners and achievers............. It is an incomplete complete sentence or otherwise figure out what the statement entails and give your own interpretation or conclusion. As for me I think I do not have to wait for everyboby in taking leading decisions though am a strong team player.

My Passion

I am passionate about education for development among marginalized groups like people from the rural and deprived areas, women and school leavers who could not make grades to get them to higher institutions yet their education did not offer them enough skills to be independand or self employed.

My Work

I have worked in many health institutions and development projects in the capacity as a nurse, administrator and development specialist.