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This is my practice page
My name is Amanda, I attend Saint Michael's College in Colchester, VT
I am double majoring in Elementary Education and Political Science
  1. The classes I'm taking this semester
    • Curriculum and Teaching
    • Child Development
    • Teaching Bio in Elementary Schools
    • Western Political Thought
    • Intro to Sociology
  1. Where I will be working this semester
    • Shaws
      • In Customer Service and as a CSR
    • The SMC Early Learning Center
      • Working with the two and three year old group

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This is my practice page

This is my practice page

This is my practice page

This is my practice page

This is my practice page
This is my practice page

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Books I have Recently Read

For Twilight Fans

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  • The VT Department of Education Standards.


Connections to Vermont Education Standards

1.13.c Respond through discussion, writing, and using art forms.
2.1.c Ask questions that compare and contrast, to determine similarities and differences.
Approach Information
2.7 Students respond to new information by reflecting on experience and reconsidering their opinions and sources of information.
3.10 Students perform effectively on teams that set and achieve goals, conduct investigations, solve problems, and create solutions (e.g. by using consensus- building and cooperation to work toward group decisions).
7.1.e Explain a variety of observations and phenomena using concepts that have been learned.
7.1.h Identify problems, purpose and implement solutions, and evaluate products and designs.
7.1.i Work individually and in teams to collect and share information and ideas.
7.3.b Look for evidence that explains why things happen

Ideas for our Habitat project for Mater Christi's first grade

  • Give each student a piece of paper and crayons.
    • Have them fold the paper in half vertically and then fold in half again horizontally
    • Then they will open the paper and four sections
  • Next the students will have an opportunity to draw and color four different habitats, including one or two animals that would live in the habitat, what they would eat and drink
  • Then break the students into groups of 2 -4 depending on class size
    • They will compare and contrast their visions of habitats
  • Then the students will come back together and view premade environments
  • The students will be evenly divided into groups so that each group receives one environment
    • The students will work together to decide what types of animals live in their environment, how they live, and why they live there
  • Then each group will share their decisions with the other groups
  • As they explain their ideas groups will fill in handouts with various questions about types of habitats and what animals would live best there

Materials Needed

  • Plain 8.5x11 Paper- one piece for each student
  • Variety of different colored crayons
  • Premade Habitat Environments

Handout Ideas-- have them write which animals belong in which habitat, what they eat, what they drink, why they live there, where and when they sleep

  • materials.......