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DLT Assessed Activity WS1.2 (2015)

About Me

Hi, I am a graduate student at EIT, half way on the learning journey to the qualification Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. Last semester I completed four papers - e-Business Strategy, Electronic Design Process and Practice, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Project Management. This semester I am traversing Advanced Internet and Web Development, Database Administration, Digital Learning Technologies and Information Systems/Technology Management.

My other pursuits are spending time with family and friends, at the beach, skiing, swimming and bushwalking.

With the risks inherent in online material (such as identity theft) I am avoiding blogging personal specific information.

Statement of Authenticity

I confirm that:
•This is an original assessment and is entirely my own work
•It contains no material previously published or written by another person or myself except where due acknowledgement is made in the text.
•No material which to a substantial extent, has been submitted for any other academic course, is included without acknowledgement.
I am happy for this blog to be used for research purposes.

My Interesting Links

Assessed Activity 4.2 (2015)

1. APA Reference for Wikipedia

E-learning. (2015, March 13). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 01:07, March 15, 2015, from

2. Pedagogical Template

A learning resource template (iDevice) is created by surrounding the name of the template in curly braces.

Icon inter.gif

Web Resources

To see how to author a pedagogical template, use the following link:

3. Syntax highlighter The syntax highlight GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter) extension displays formatted source code with the syntax highlight tag. The tag shows coding as it was typed, including colours, and preserving white space.

The following example using Action script is from Verhaart (n.d.).

<source lang="actionscript">
trace{"Hello World");
</ source>

There are examples of GeSHi in many languages at

Reference Veerhart, M. (n.d.) Superquick wiki guide: Source code formatting. In WikiEducator free elearning content. Retrieved March 15, 2015 from

Assessed Activity 4.4 (2015) RSS Feed from Blog to Wiki

Online Courseware and Reflection
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Week 6: ePortfolios
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Assessed Activity 5.1 (2015)
Assessed Activity 5.1 (2015)   5.1.1 On Monday 16 March we had a streamed lecture (from Melbourne) from Joyce Seitzinger on Personal Learning Networks. Some of the key points that Joyce covered include – Digital learning technologies change rap...
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DLT Assessed Activities Week 4
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