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Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Nash.

Myself in three words: Courageous, Adventurers, and Intelligent! I have chosen these three words for my description, as based on my own personal life experiences. I have serving my country as a member of the armed forces (Courageous), as well as a Federal police officer (Adventures), and learned a lot from these life experiences (Intelligent). Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save page button.

As for my other interest, I love music, dancing, travel, technology (in general), and open to just about anything that won't hurt, or get me put in jail (haha). I found at an early age that I had an aptitude/passion for computers and other forms of technology.

I am taking this course because my main focus at De Anza is Computer Information Systems related (focus on Computer/Network Forensic studies) and could see how this course could play into my studies. I am also taking two other courses as well -- CIS 64A (Database Management Systems) at De Anza -- CIS 68A (Introduction To Linux & Unix) at Foothill. I am not sure how this course will help me in my future endeavors, but I'm sure I will be able to utilize skills taught in this class in some form or fashion.

Though I am able to attending class physically, all of my courses this quarter are distance learning/online in design; allowing for my continued education, while at the same time the freedom to travel. I do plan to visit my home state/family in the weeks to come (native Atlanta Georgian originally).