Indifference During the Holocaust

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Indifference In The Holocaust
Research Questions

  1. Why were people (Jews and not Jews) so indifferent to the execution of the Jewish people during the Holocaust?
  2. Why did no one do anything?
  3. What did people really do in order to help the Jews?

Teacher's Name Nellie Deutstch

School Name Ort Guttman High School

Our Names Michael and Ziv

Date 19.4.09


In the world, during the holocaust, there was indifference behavior toward the Jews and toward their bad situation in world at all and in Europe, particularly. So how people can ignore the humiliation of other, how he can co-operate with murderers, people who are absent humaneness, a basic considering and solidarity if they themselves are human being that need some basic necessities like the right to live, liberty and a fair treatment. Despite this, there were people that do something for the Jewish people and help them in order to prevent the mankind's crime, but what did they do and how did it influence the situation? We chose in the topic of the Indifference in Holocaust because the subject was interested us and we went to know why people were indifferent to this atrocious behavior of the Nazis, how so many people has been killed and anyone do nothing to prevent it. We hope that our research work will answer our heavy and hard questions First, we met, thought while getting deep to root of subject and discussed on it. Then, we wrote our thoughts, rewrote and summarized the text. After all these steps, we finally introduced the subject.


Million of Jews were lived for twelve years under terror Nazi rule, while they were persecuted and destroyed with evil anti-Semitic propaganda and indifferent disregarding of Jew's situation. The Nazis referred and turned all their troubles they had to the Jewish people and inflamed the German people to nonhuman hatred toward the Judaism. They were grasped as the archfiend of the German Aryan race that symbolizing all what hated and frightened. In German eyes, they were considered as sub-race having diabolical, treacherous, devious traits and as exploiter, sponger and greedy When the Jewish people inhaling to rule the whole world and the Aryan race in particular, they are bacterium that crumbles the German nation and atrophies it through the capitalism, the liberalism, the socialism and the communism, they are who that tacked knife in the nation's back in 1918 and caused for the beginning of the First World War (1914), to rout at that and to signing on the Treaty of Versailles, they also lurked to the Aryan women and raped them, in this way, they defiled the Aryan race. Furthermore, they are who were bringing the blackamoor to Germany in order to hurt the German people. Even the Jews themselves were indifferent about their position, they all the time went to think and believe that there is no worse than this and it will be get better with the time, as the time passes. They thought that sooner or later it will be fine and the spirits will be relax and all will be back/return to the path and they return to their normal life which they used to live into in the moment the economics will get out from the crisis. They understood that right now they accused about things that they don't do because it is the tendency of the human to search the guilty in anything. They claim that after all the accusations and the hurling against them will be stop. The Jewish people in European countries, most of them, were a brilliant and successful people. They were prosperous in their business and in other wide areas. In the Nazis and their supporters plead, the Jews take control of their places in important and superior places in the country and they thought that if the Jews will disappear from their places the situation in the country will be much better. The Jews thought that people won't exaggerate to such an extent and won't extinct them also because they needed them: the Jews eventually help to the Europeans in many areas in life such as: recruiting to the local army, serving nation services in the countries they were lives in, they also supported in the economic farmstead and developed the commerce. All these, caused them to think that the situation will not get worsen up to mass destruction. A few countries were support Jews and help them like Denmark, and even saved many Jews from execution and murder. Therefore, we have to mention also non-neutrality in some cases. It means that not anyone was indifferent and passive, but active. It was convenient and easy to the world to accept the situation the Jews were into, almost no country didn't went to receive the Jews in claims from different reasons. Many of the people in German occupation countries were indifferent and apathetic up to inhumanity and bestiality and some of them even help and support to the Germans in their actions and deeds and turned to be Nazism activists. Without this collaboration, the extinction handicraft of the Nazis wasn't so total and absolute. The claims of the Polish people for instance: we didn't see it, we didn't hear it and we didn't know this were hallucinatory and illogical since that extermination camps and other camps were almost constantly near and adjacent to residential zones and housing places and even there was a strong, acrid smell of human being's murders and burning of corpses. The Jews was nation inside other nation and therefore they understood that in every place on the world they will go, they always will be hated and they will be estranged from the general society, they also understood that in vain to solve this problem they need to build a independent and sovereign country for the Jewish nation.

After the war, many asking, why the Jews walk to their death like sheep to the slaughter but ignoring from many revelations of resistance among the Jews despite all the difficulties like: difficulty in enlistment people to the rebellion, felling of responsibility to the family and to the rebel's relatives, resistance to the rebellion idea, the vast shortage in weapon, the anti-Semitism and the environment's hostility, absence of preparation and use in weapon, difficulty in timing to setting the rebellion and young leadership and inexperienced, there were rebellion operations.


After study and reading material and sources on the topic we came to the conclusion that there was a big indifference to the Jews situation during the holocaust, and if were paid attention about what was happening, it was possible to prevent this crime of humanity. But also the Jews were sufficient indifferent to their own position. However, not all of them were passive. Some of them were trying to do something, some could not do anything and some were believed that it is better do nothing. Grievous things like these, it is not enough just to condemn, such as what the world did, it is forbidden to shutting up on things like that because no one have the right to do what the Nazis did. In such of cases, we have to go against that, to do some actions and to try to prevent everything like this that negates the existence or living of humans.


For me (Ziv), it very helped to me to write firstly in Hebrew and only then in English, because I have more predominance on my native tongue and it was more nature and flowing to think Hebrew. In addition, during the work I read the external sources and they support my knowledge about the holocaust. I also enjoyed to work in English because it was a different and gave me a new opportunity to learn History with English. Eventually it helped me to establish a strong position and opinion on the holocaust by expose me to what really happened and putting myself in their place.





Excellent work!!!