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These are personal notes that may be useful for other teachers/learners made while taking the moodle for teachers workshop M4T-3 as part of Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) on Moodle.
Additional information is being added during the M4T-4

The concept

The concept of online teaching and learning was started by wanting to make free resources available. UNESCO has the International Institute for Educational Planning, which hosted an online discussion in 2006 for making open education available.
An Open Educational Resources Handbook is available on WikiEducator.
The Open Educational Resources, OER Toolkit WikiEducator explained allows assisted training in a group that is very helpful for those who wish to learn Wiki skills.
There are many initiative like FOSS Free and Open Source Software


MIT put their courses online their Free Online Course Material MIT OpenCourseWare started a worldwide initiative of Universities making their courses available in the OpenCourseWare Consortium

Points that were found to be helpful

Registering for an online program to obtain skills Learning for Content Registration.
Joining a discussion group with the same interest. WikiEducator discussion group Receiving advice or pointers to what may be useful. Learning on line in a community like WikiEducator one receives advice and links to references.
This one was from Nellie
Designing flexible learning A very sensible easy to understand resource and introduction from the Australian government.

Glossary of Words

Many abbreviations are used and can be quite confusing for a newcomer trying to understand or discuss online learning/teaching

OER= Open Education Resources
OCW= Open Course Ware

FOSS= Free and Open Source Software for example one can download Mozilla Firefox browser and many other applications.
FLOSS= Free/Libre Open Source Software started by the European community.

Teach yourself computer skills

Teach yourself for example touch typing a course offered by ALISON free online courses, interactive skills training for the worksplace.


Wikispaces wikis for everyone.
Moodle an open-source community-based tool for learning.Video explaining Moodle by using an analogy with Lego blocks
Ning Networking
WiZiQ Free Online Teaching and E-Learning with Web Conferencing.
Diigo For Bookmarking and adding highlights and sticky notes for research, for sharing and collaboration as a group repository
Google reader to keep bookmarks
EtherPad for collaborative writing and editing in real time.
Hot Potatoes a freeware to create multiple choice questions, quizzes, crosswords etc.
Wordle a toy for generating word clouds. to privately share files and collaborate in real time by web, email, phone, mobile.


Skype free talk and chat from computer to computer, can also be used for discussion groups and group talk.
Backnoise chat that can be done on a public computer.
Google Wave online tool for real-time communication and collaboration, only by invitation at the moment
Google buzz


A YouTube demonstration about setting up a quiz on moodle


These tools can help you annotate and then make a screenshot.
Faststone screen Capture

Other sites

Wallwisher collaborative site that is like is wall with stickers.

Voicethreada way to talk about and share images, documents and videos.

Way of making Presentations

Prezi An interesting way of making presentations on one slide only. Slide share where you can upload your power point presentations

Universal Design for Learning Concepts

To help design learning by removing barriers from educational materials and methods facilitating learning by design.

Presentations on YouTube

The Machine is Us/ing Us by Professor Wesch very interesting video of less than 5 minutes.

What kind of learner are you?

Strategies for Success from How to be a successful student by Donald Martin.

On line discussion

7 habits of effective online discussion

Resources for Teachers in alphabetical order

Glossary of Resources on M4T registration to be able to log in is necessary.

On line dictionary