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How to Use the E-Newspaper

This is a list of activities designed to help students to improve their understanding and use of the electronic newspaper.

Science Students discover science in the newspaper through the use of photos, vocabulary, the weather page and stories covering everything from household innovations to the latest medical advancements.

Newspapers Students look closely at the newspaper as they learn the difference between a headline, a byline and a dateline, and why the Sports and food sections talk a different language.

Language Arts The language of the newspaper — the very words, ideas, even punctuation — is put under the microscope. Students examine the construction, themes and objectives of the newspaper.

Math Much of the information in the newspaper is conveyed in numbers as much as in words. Students work with the numbers found in stock market tables, stories, advertisements, ball scores and everyday measurements.

Critical Reading Students learn what it’s like to read between the lines of a newspaper and to critique stories for structure, content and meaning. We’ll also explore the work of professional critics and editorial writers.

Home Management In addition to news, newspapers deliver a wealth of information for use in our daily lives. Students will focus on information as it pertains to the home — clothing, food, furnishing, heating, repairing and entertaining.

Social Studies Through the use of the newspaper, students explore their place in the world, from their community to their city to their country, and beyond.

Middle School Middle school students learn about the things that affect them most. Through a series of activities, students explore such topics as job searching, the role of local government and substance abuse.

High School Continuing with themes started with junior high, students learn about employment, everyday measurements, and the major issues of the day.

Seasonal Activities Newspaper activities based on the different holidays.