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By the end of this training youths should be able to undertake small businesses.

Define an entrepreneur as a person who undertakes an initiative to start a business. Define business as selling and buying of goods and services and distribution of the same.

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  1. Why do or engage to do business?

There are several reasons we can sight for doing a business. However much as there are so many reasons considered for doing this, our answer will be according to the situation of the target group.In this case we would say that it to provide a service where it is needed.This process involves making profit and earning income in order to earn a living.

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  1. What steps can we take to start a business?

If we want be successful as entrepreneurs, we need to do the following or more:

  • Conduct a research to determine weather the service we want to provide is really needed.
  • Make sure we have enough capital to undertake such business.
  • Choose the right business
  • Consider the best method of selling and distribution.

These are some of the important steps we can take as entrepreneurs.

  1. what is important in business?
  • many have said that we need more profits.

However the most important thing is customer satisfaction.It may sound difficulty but no matter how good your product maybe if it is not needed it cant sale.You have to supply what the cusomer wants.