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OER Name:

Law- LL.B External – Module 1
Category: Environmental Protection
Purpose of Project:
To make awareness of environmental Laws of Sri Lanka
Target Audience: SRI Lankans and Asians
Module: Environment

Water, air and noise pollution are the main environmental problems in Sri Lanka. Additionally, land misuse, deforestation, coastal erosion and poor natural resource management are among other challenges relating to environmental protection of the country.
Environment is defined in different contexts. (See, section 33, National environmental Act of 1980) Generally, environment means what is around us.
Sri Lanka has more than eighty environmental laws. Some of them are specifically designed to protect the nature and its riches while the other statutes indirectly protect it when these are on operation. The Constitution of Sri Lanka, National environmental Act, Coast conservation Act and the Marine pollution prevention Act can be shown as the main statutes in this nature. Other than that, common law also protects our environment when it is needed.
Also, the judiciary of Sri Lanka has paved the way for environmental protection of Sri Lanka.

Compare the legal protection given to the environment of Sri Lanka with that of selected Asian countries by your choice considering web links given below?
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