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UGC InfoNet UGC is modernizing the university campuses with state-of-the-art campus wide networks and setting up its own nationwide communication network named UGC-INFONET. The UGC-INFONET will be overlaid on ERNET infrastructure to provide assured quality of service and optimal utilization of bandwidth resources. The project is being funded by the UGC with 90% capital investment and 100% recurring cost during the X Plan period. A Joint Technical and Tariff Committee (JTTC), consisting of leading experts in the country has been set up to guide and monitor the entire project. INFLIBNET Centre, an autonomous IUC of the UGC, is the nodal agency for coordination of the UGC-INFONET and facilitates linkage between ERNET and the universities. UGC-INFONET will be a boon to the higher education system in several ways. 1. It will become a vehicle for distance learning. 2. It will be a tool to distribution of education material and journals to remotest of areas. 3. It will be a resource for researchers and scholars for tapping most up-to-date information. 4. It will form a medium for collaboration among teachers and students, not only within the country but all over the world. 5. It will be on Intranet for university automation. 6. It will establish a channel for globalization of education. UGC-INFONET was formally inaugurated by the Hon'ble Prime Minister on 28th December, 2002. UGC-INFONET Training

Training manpower is one of the most critical resources for successful implementation of high-tech programmes like UGC-INFONET. INFLIBNET/ERNET is giving training to network managers and library professionals for managing the WAN connectivity, network security, Mail Server, Web Server configuration and e-journal access management at their premises. More than 108 network managers from around 99 universities have been trained at ERNET India, New Delhi. Around 63 Library professionals from more than 63 universities have been trained at ERNET India, New Delhi. Above 63 Library professionals from 63 universities have been trained for e-resources management at INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.

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ERNET India in partnership with University Grants Commission is setting up UGC-Info net. UGC-Infonet will Use ICT and Internet for virtual enhancement of Academic Infrastructure. Be an Intranet for University Automation.

Be overlaid on ERNET infrastructure provide assured quality of service & optimal utilization of bandwidth

resources. Main Features of the UGC Info net are : Scaleable Architecture to grow from Universities to affiliated Colleges. Nation-wide Terrestrial Backbone using Fiber Optic links. Integrated Satellite WAN supporting broadband and SCPC V SAT

technology. Comprehensive Network Management Systems. Linkage with Academic and Research Networks all over the world. Data security and virus protection using firewalls and Intrusion Detection

Systems. Data Centers and Mirror Sites Content Hosting.