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Online Learning

There are losts of aspects to this very general term.

Other terms:

Blended Learning

A short definition: "a learning solution created through a mixture of face-to-face and online learning delivered through a mix of media" From The e-learning Centre (which is a little more focused on the training end of the education spectrum)

A slightly longer defintion: Blended learning involves integration of different modes of delivery, models of teaching, and styles of learning. Generally this involves a strategic and systematic use of technology, combined with the best features of face-to-face interaction. Blended learning can include a continuum of approaches from face-to-face to fully online teaching. As the internet has become more pervasive, blended learning has emerged as a common ground where web-based and face-to-face learning are integrated, using multiple media formats for dynamic interactions (Thorne, 2003). The benefits include improved flexibility, opening up new interaction and collaboration possibilities and the catering for many more specialist needs. [Thorne, Blended learning: how to integrate online & traditional learning, Kogan Page, London; Sterling, VA (2003)]