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I've just put this here as a stop gap while the home pages for our department are either moved, rationalised or scudded --Derekc 09:53, 12 November 2009 (UTC)

About Lightwork http://www.lightworkmarking.org/

Lightwork is a new application for the management and marking of assignments. In addition to making the process of working with assignments more efficient, Lightwork aims at encouraging good marking practices. Lightwork is open source and is designed to work in conjunction with Moodle. It builds on the assignment functionality Moodle offers and adds features that help with the marking tasks. The requirements for Lightwork have been prioritised. The first production release, scheduled for January 2010, will contain the following features:

  • Downloading of course, students and assignment data from Moodle;
  • Definition of marking rubric by teacher;
  • Allocation of marking to multiple markers;
  • Creation of marking sheets based on marking rubric for each student assignment;
  • Dealing with any type of student work and viewing this work in associated applications;
  • Entering of feedback and marks linked into marking sheets by markers;
  • Writing and applying of frequently used comments, associated with marking rubric, by marking team;
  • Support for teacher in monitoring work of markers;
  • Presentation of marking feedback to students linked to marking rubric;
  • Automated upload of marks, marking feedback and annotated student work to Moodle;
  • Automated refreshment of data from Moodle;
  • Options of working online or offline.

Lightwork is an application that runs on the user’s PC. It connects to the institution’s Moodle installation and works together with the assignment module and Gradebook in Moodle. The students still submit their assignment work to Moodle and receive their marks and feedback via Moodle. The students do not interact with Lightwork directly. After having setup the assignment specification in Moodle, the teacher works in Lightwork to manage the marking and to perform the marking tasks

  • Project development site (in Redmine), including, roadmap, issue register and early software downloads, is available at http://lightwork.massey.ac.nz/.
  • Lightwork is developed with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission of New Zealand.

General Information about Trialing Lightwork

News from the Canterbury Trial

Installing version 1.0.10 --Derekc 09:52, 12 November 2009 (UTC) Installing version 1.0.11