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Discipline based Educational Research


  1. Threshold Concepts research.


From: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/schools/business/iepr/info/Economics(7).html Meyer and Land (2003) have proposed that in many disciplines there are threshold concepts, which can be 'considered akin to passing through a portal, or conceptual gateway, thus opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something.' Such concepts lead to a transformed way of understanding, or viewing something that may represent how people 'think' in a particular discipline, or how they perceive, apprehend or experience particular phenomena within a discipline.

Threshold concepts offer potential help in encouraging students towards deep rather than surface learning. However, to evaluate whether there is substance to this promise we need to be able to identify threshold concepts in a subject, embed these in the curriculum and evaluate the results. However, these steps are not straightforward.



Designing curriculum: concepts and overview.

Creative Arts

ASSESSMENT Art as Reflection/Art as Reflective: Service-learning, Preservice Teachers, and the Uses of the Aesthetic Deborah Biss Keller, & Robert J. Helfenbein, Indiana University Indianapolis

The authors argue that the aesthetic as an alternative form of assessment in service-learning offers the possibility of exploring art as reflection of students’ perceptions of those served and as reflective of service-learning experiences in the greater social, political, and economic context.