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About Us

About ‘CSL Project Leader Online Community’:

Planning a CSL project can be a complicated task- but it doesn’t have to be! This site is devoted to supporting Project Leaders through this exciting journey. This is a great place to learn about what to do, grab resources, plug-in to what other Project Leaders are doing, ask questions, share your experiences, and lessons learned, and support each other.

Want to learn about the History of CSL at UBC? Click here

What you can do here:

To become part of the CSL Project Leader community all you need to do is click here and follow these simple steps. It’s easy and free, so join now!

As a member of the CSL Project Leader community you can:

  • Create a Project Leader Profile – tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to become a Project Leader (create a sheet where you fill it out and it sends it to me)
  • Ask Questions – write a post and share your experiences or ask questions, receive advice from other leaders
  • Help other Leaders - comment on other posts from Project Leaders with your advice and suggestions. See other comments left by members.
  • Connect with past Project Leaders –Hear about Project Leaders’ past experiences, email Project Leader mentors,
  • Find Resources – learn tips about facilitation and reflection, find out about activities to do with your students
  • Upload your Project photos to Picasa – share your photos with the rest of the Project Leader community. Visit Picasa and upload your photos.
  • Obtain an RSS feed - be notified when someone uploads a new resource, or posts something new

Who we are:

We’re an online community of past and current Project Leaders. We welcome people from all over to join our community and share with us your experiences.

How this Project Leader website got started:

Being a Project Leader is an exciting experience. It's about developing your own leadership skills, broadening your own horizons, and creating a rewarding learning experience for undergraduate students here at UBC.

So you play an extremely important role!

Therefore, this site was developed because of:

1. The need for Project Leaders to access resources more easily

2. The importance of connecting with each other.

As Project Leaders, your task is not only to learn how to plan and facilitate a good CSL project, but also includes connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships. This online community is one place where you can do that and support other Project Leaders to create valuable CSL experiences.

As CSL grows at UBC, it is extremely important to create high quality supportive environments for all practitioners of CSL, especially Project Leaders.

This website is a project of the UBC Learning Exchange and was developed in collaboration with 15 past UBC Project Leaders (link to their names)and 2 employees from UBC’s Office of Learning Technology (link to their names). It was facilitated by Danielle Blond a graduate student in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) and Randy Fisher, an online community-builder.

A huge thank-you to you all!