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Lesson Plan


At the end of the lesson students should be able to solve simple equations.


Problem Solving


  • Solve simple equation
  • ind value of unknown number


  • Mathematics Syllabus and curriculum for Class 8 - Page 8


  • 40 minutes (1 lesson)

Lesson Procedure

  • Copy and complete the solution for these equations:
  1. a + 5 = 13
  2. b - 9 = 7
  1. Put a pronumeral in place of the unknown number
  2. Use the information in the problem to form an equation
  3. Solve the equation to find the value of the unknown number.
  • A farmer added 12 piglets, which he bought at a sale. He has 35 pigs in the pig-sty. How many pigs did he have before he bought some more?


  • Mark students work.
  • Ask students to work out the exercises on the blackboard
  • Identify students who have not achieve the lesson, go over the same activity by guiding them through.