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Student should be able to add and subtract two decimal places in the context of measurement, including money.


Addition and Subtraction of Decimals


  1. Add and subtract 4-digit number including two decimal places. 26.51 + 11.32
  2. Add and Subtract money (4-digit number) eg. $34.56 + $12.22


Mathematics Class 8. Teachers' Handbook Syllabus Outline Page 15


40 minutes (1 lesson)

Lesson Procedure

  1. Revisit work on addition and subtraction of Whole and decimal numbers
  1. Carry out task on addition and subtraction of decimal numbers ranging from simple to more complex.Make sure the decimal points are underneath one another.

eg 14.42 $25.10

 +21.33     -$12.08
  1. Add and subtract using whole and decimal numbers including money.
   a) $23.35        b)  $67.75
    + $16.42          - $42.58

  1. Complete the following exercises:
 a) $43.76        b) $48.34          c) $67.54        d) $263.30
  + $12.34         + $31.25           - $35.12         - $131.46

e) Teima bought 4 exercise books at $1.00 each and 1pkt of pencil colours at $2.00. How much did she spend at the shop?

f) Temu bought 1bag of rice for $37.50. What is her change if she gave the shopkeeper a $50. note?


Students to work out correct answers to exercise on the blackboard. Go over the exercises for revision. Identify students who have not achieve the lesson and give extra help.