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Topic: Introducing Cylinders and Prisms


30 minutes


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. differentiate a cylinder from a prism


  1. A cylinder-shaped food can (e.g. tin-fish)
  2. A prism-shaped object (or you could develop a paper prism)

Lesson Procedure

1. Introduce by asking students what they know about cylinders/prisms.

  • build from their repsonses by trying to make connections with the objects you have (i.e. tin-fish and your prism made object)

2. Make a clear description of the differences between a cylinder and a prism

  • E.g. a cylinder has two round ends, a prism has two square ends, etc


Check their understanding by asking the question "how many cylinders and prisms you can find around your surrounding?" Let them make a list under two headings - one for 'cylinder' and one for 'prism'(e.g. the list may include under the cylinders "water tanks, a particular building, etc").