Tuvalu/Enterprising/What is business

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Class 8


45 mins.


  • Book: Business An Introductory Perspective P2,4.. By Kirkwood et el.
  • Book: Introduction to Economics. By Eambelal Patel. Revised Edition 1993
  • 10 Sheets of screen prints
  • pental pens


  • Understand the role and functions of business and their importance in Tuvalu


By the end of this lesson the children would be able to

  • Define what a business is
  • Name the three types of business
  • Explain the different steps of starting a new business


  • Put children into groups of four.
  • Ask the groups to brainstorm What is Business this could be done in 20 mins
  • Groups to report back on their group work
  • Teacher discusses further the meaning of what is business
  • Ask children to list the different factors a businessman must know when buying goods