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General Courses

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ODL 001 Introduction to Open and Distance Learning ODL 011 The Good Study Guide

  • GST 113 Study Skills
  • GST 104 Communication Skills
  • ICT 101 Computer Literacy Skills


First year Courses

All 100 Level courses go here

  • Introduction to

Second Year Courses

All 200 Level courses go here

Third Year Courses


Fourth Year Courses

All 400 Level Courses go here

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

All PGD courses go here

  • Instruction for PGD students

PGD students should consult the following websites in the first week

All Masters degree courses go here.

Masters degree courses

All Masters degree courses go here.

Master degree students should read and critique the following within the first week:

Doctoral Courses

All taught Doctoral degree courses go here

Announcements to undergraduate students

All undergraduate students should read the announcements that pertain or apply to their level

Announcements to Masters degree students

Announcements to Ph.D students

All Ph. D. students taking courses in Advance Research Methodologies should visit the following web sites for some introductory concepts:

For all Ph.D students to note

  • Ph. D students should ensure they register for at least one elective in a School other than the one they are registered in. Your counsellor or your Supervisor will provide needed guidance and advice.
  • Ph.D Students must co-supervise at least three undergraduate projects before they take their Comprehensive
  • Ph. D students must co-supervise at least one Masters research seminar presentation in their final year before they defend their Dissertation


  • Please read here and download your TMAs for the Semester.
  • Note that TMAs are due at specified periods and late submissions will not be allowed.
  • TMAs carry 30% of overall grades at the undergraduate levels


  • All students at all levels must register for their examinations at the appropriate periods before closing time.
  • All applications for deferment of examinations must come in at least four weeks before closing, supported with necessary documnts. Please see your counsellors for more guidance.
  • All postgraduate examinations are essay test and thus paper and pencil

Journal Articles

Conference Presentations

Assignment for Sierra Leone Workshop Participants

Please check the following links and read the contents