Treaty of Waitangi/Wai903

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Contributions by:

  • Bob Hayes
    • A study bof the uses and misuses of the 1891 Native Land Laws Commission
  • Don Loveridge
    • The Crown and the opening of the King Country 1882-1885
    • Comments on the Harris Report on the Waitotara purchase
    • The development and introduction of institutions for the governance of Maori 185201865
  • Michael Macky
    • Whanganui land and politics 1840-1865
    • Kemp's Trust
  • Brent Parker
    • Brief evidence of Brent Parker on the construction of the North Island Main Trunk Railway through the inquiry district and the associated timber industry
  • Keith Pickens
    • Operation of the Native Land Court in the National Park inquiry district in the 19th Century