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Translations for WikiEducator

We are very grateful for people who are helping us to translate WikiEducator materials into different languages: the more people we can reach with WikiEducator, the better. WE has has several installations in different languages with more coming soon (especially after May 1, 2009)

Logging In

You can login to another version of WikiEducator, using the same user name and password as you use for the English version. However, your User Page will NOT appear, because it has to be written in the language of the wiki install.

Creating New Templates in the New Language Installation

  • Go to WikiEducator - Your Language version
  • Create a New Template_nav, and give it an appropriate name "Projeto_nav" or whatever...just make sure to have "_nav"


  • Go to WikiEducator - English version
  • Log in
  • Find the desired template you wish to translate
  • Copy the wiki syntax from the desired template to the New Template_nav on the different language install of WikiEducator
  • Paste the entire text into this New Template_nav
  • Click Save - give summary information
  • Now, Click Edit, and go into this New Template_nav
  • Begin to change ALL of the English language references to the New Language names
  • Click Save...
  • You will notice page names in Red, where there is no content, and content will have to be added.

Using Images from Other Versions of WikiEducator

  • You will have to save images, and then import them into the New Language version of WikiEducator.

Need Support, Assistance?

If you get stuck, please send a note to the folks on the WikiEducator Discussion Group Forum, and with the "links" that you are having trouble with, and a description of the problem. Someone will get back to you.