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Replace this text with a high level summary of the purpose, concepts and skills the lesson addresses.

Curriculum standards

Specify the local curriculum standards and or benchmarks if applicable.


List any materials or resources the teacher and students will need for this lesson.

Lesson content and procedures

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Enter the intended learning outcomes for your lesson here
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  • What is the context for the lesson?
  • What prerequisite student skills and/or knowledge are required for this lesson?
  • How long will the lesson take?
  • Is the lesson designed for the whole class or small group work?

Step-by-step procedures

Provide a step-by-step description of the flow of your lesson. Note: Details of learning activities are listed below under a separate heading.

Student activities

List and describe the planned activities for the lesson.

Activity 1

Activity 2


Describe the formative and summative assessment activities planned for the lesson

Answer key and/or marking rubric


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