Training teachers for web 2.0: What do they need (to know) to ensure high-quality learning results

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What the SVEA presentation will be about?

The SVEA project addresses the collaboration and web 2.0 skills of trainers in vocational education and training (VET) and adult training institutions with a special focus on personnel and organisational development. Personnel and organisational development plays a significant role in the strategic development of every organisation. Especially for organisations whose business concept is based on the knowledge of highly qualified employees such as training institutions depending on innovative personnel and organisational management concepts. To strengthen the trainers’ competences in the use of web 2.0 in their trainings, SVEA has developed a training programme to train the trainer on how to integrate web 2.0 tools within their trainings. Parallel to that, a collaborative open source based platform has been set up allowing the trainers to learn and to work collaboratively together and to use the platform to offer more learner-centred teaching methods by using web 2.0 applications within their courses.

The SVEA presentation focuses on the newly developed collaborative online platform and will both outline how it can increase virtual collaboration within VET and adult training, but also how it can innovate the management processes within training institutions. During the presentation not only the technical functionalities of the platform will be presented but also the lessons learned of the blended learning trainings offered in the SVEA partner regions as well as to the training concept and how the training modules and platform can be used to offer targeted, more learner oriented training courses.

The presentation will be held by Petra Newrly, MFG Baden-Württemberg (D) and Cristina Gallardo, Fundecyt (ES).