Identifying fruit tree training systems

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This activity will help people working in fruit production to identify fruit tree training systems and the benefits and limitations of these systems.


Watch this video of Alex Huffadine from Otago Polytechnic's Cromwell campus explain the pros and cons of a Vase shaped fruit tree training system. (Videos below need to be added to player on the right).

1. Browse the resources library for other videos about fruit tree training

2. Search the Internet and save or print images of the following fruit tree training systems:

  • Axis
  • Single leader
  • Vase shaped
  • Tatura trellis
  • Lincoln canopy
  • Ebro-espalier

3. Create a drawing of each of these fruit tree training systems that simplifies the photographs and highlights the important information.

4. Create a video of yourself explaining the characteristics of at least 4 of these training systems. Create the video on location of a real fruit tree plantation, or use your drawings as examples.

5. Send the scanned or photocopied drawings to your learning facilitator

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