Towards greater citizenship-awareness.

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Questions which facilitate deeper citizenship-awareness

The following questions are framed to address all categories of people such as illiterate, semi-literate, literate, computer-literate, and internet-enabled tech-savvy persons.

  • Which document defines the nationality and citizenship of an individual?
  • Which is the basic record of nationality of an individual?
  • Which of the public documents/records are accepted as citizen identity proof?
  • Which of the transactions require identity document proof?
  • Any other

Alerting questions

  • Which of the day-to-day activities in general require citizenship ID?
  • Are you able to locate/lay hand on your citizen-identity records as and when

they are required?

  • Do you maintain xerox copies of such records for ready use?
  • Any other

Pro-active Questions

  • What are the most notable benefits you avail as a citizen?
  • What are your public/social activities as a citizen?
  • How do you respond to another citizen of your country who is stranger to you?
  • How do you identify the fellow citizen across the country?
  • How do you interact with tourists from abroad?
  • How do you treat women and children among them?
  • Any other

Citizenship and patriotism

  • Which are the occasions you are proud of being a citizen of your country?
  • If you are given the freedom to decorate and furnish your office room,
 how will you project your citizenship?
  • Can you suggest better and effective ways of creating and inspiring
  • Is your patriotism closed against global identity of being recognized
 as a culture-centric global citizen?
  • What are your ways of achieving this greater citizenship-awareness?